Jadi Carboni

Studiengang Choreographie

Abschlussjahr 2020



Aufgewachsen in:



Italienisch, Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch


Tanzen, Singen, Feuerspiele, Keule


Jadi Carboni is a choreographer, dancer, bodyworker, outrider of various performing arts and healing practices in which sound and movement become a medium for expression, discovery and creation (Release technique, Contact I mprovisation, Butoh) .

She studied at the National Dance Academy in Rome, won a scholarship at the Venice Biennale with Carolyn Carlson and continues to study at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Jadi has worked throughout Europe, South America and the USA, with Kirstie Simson, Kathleen Hermersdorf, Julyen Hamilton, the Scottish National Theater, and Sasha Waltz. At the moment, she is in the process of getting her Master's degree in choreography at the HZT Berlin.

In addition to her work in dance, Jadi is a poi spinner with London-based Feeding the Fish, a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher, and a prize-winning actress (”El Ray,” Barcelona Film Festival). She sings since the age of 15 and since 4 years she is practicing Industani music, in the specific Drupad


Projekte an der HfS Ernst Busch


Gravity Well

Experimentell short film.

Klang komponiert mit den Stimme aus der Lautarchive Humbold Universität, Berlin

A dive into time and space.

Strings of gravity vibrate at different frequencies.

In history, the tragedy of our bodies, of lost human worth is revealed.

Fragments and entrails of the body, victims of the ego's greed, in a circle of survival and survivors.

The skin on the cold cement.

The delicacy of the body, within the sharp lines of the architecture.

I look for voices and images to recall and dwell the injustices created by the power of trade, by the commodification of everything.

Performance: Clara F. Crescini

Camera: Filippo M. Ceredi

Sound design: Christopher Williams

Sound engineer: Roy Carroll

Thank you to the HZT Team and the Lautarchive of the Humboldt University in Berlin


Dancing my Hero

Master Projekt - Short Film

Abschlussarbeit Masterstudiengang Choreographie

The Heroine dances, my body speaks my Hero my body, who keeps me alive, unique, and yet part of a whole life cycle. It is an offer to rediscover our lives' inner strength and interconnection, even when deprived of the possibility of real physical contact. A journey through six interwoven solos, inspired by the sense of gratitude towards the body, understood as a continuum of mind-body-spirit, in an infinite cycle of transformation and renewal

Dauer: ca. 30 Min.

Choreografie und Konzept: Jadi Carboni

Kamera und Schnitt: Lea Bethke, Jadi Carboni

Komposition: Anna Petzer,

Dramaturgie: Susanne Gruber

Bühnenbild: Jakob Blazejczak

Performance, Texte, Stimmen: Lisa Zunftmeister, Edith B. Pedersen, Jadi Carboni, Anna Petzer, Katharina Rustler, Susanne Gruber, Jakob Blazejczak.

Prologue Musik: Nils Frahm

Text: Emma Goldman, LuZ.

Flyer Design: Yaron Maïm

Dank an: Ingo Reulecke, Christiane Berger, Isabelle Schad, Christopher Williams

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Deutschen Bühnenvereins/

Landesverband Berlin.




Choreography: Jadi Carboni

Composition: Dustin Zorn


Lina Marie Rohde

Can Kahya

Natassia Tikhnovetskaja

Jonas Marx

Costumes: Cosima Winter

777 - Collaboration HZT Berlin und Hanns Eisler


Foto Martina Thalhofer