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Open Day 2023 (c) Maximilian Grosser

HfS Ernst Busch EN

Welcome to the Ernst Busch University of Theatre Arts Berlin!

The Ernst Busch is one of the most renowned universities of the theatre arts in the German-speaking world with an outstanding international reputation. Students and their excellent training are at the centre of the six degree programmes. Most of the lessons are taught in German. If you would like to attend one of our performances, take a look at our calendar!


It is part of the tradition of the four-year drama programme to organise lessons in small working groups as scene studies with as many and as varied teachers as possible.
The degree programme is artistically and practically oriented and enables students to develop and publish choreographic productions in the field of contemporary dance that can hold their own in this field.
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Contemporary Puppetry
Contemporary puppet theatre has many faces: Digital media, performance, acting, storytelling and walkacts are just as justified as classic hand puppetry or other traditional puppet forms.
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The four-year drama directing course prepares students for independent directing work in an increasingly differentiated reality and an increasingly complex theatre world.
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The Master's degree programme focuses on training in production dramaturgy. In four semesters, prospective dramaturges are taught the academic and technical skills needed to work independently and artistically within the complex processes of theatre rehearsals.
Play & Object
This master's program dedicates its teaching and research to contemporary theatrical processes at the intersection of performance, object, new media, and socio-technological dynamics.

Success for Ernst Busch alumni at the Oscars

Portrait Sandra Hüller

In 2024, our acting alumna Sandra Hüller was nominated for an Oscar for best leading actress for her performance in the film "Anatomy of a Fall". The film by director Justine Triet has already been awarded the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. In the film, Sandra Hüller plays a successful writer who is accused of murdering her husband.

In 2023, Edward Berger's film “All Quiet on the Western Front” won an Oscar in the category ‘Best International Film’ with the participation of HfS alumni Felix Kammerer, Jakob Schmidt, Anton von Lucke, Markus Tomczyk, Devid Striesow and Tobias Langhoff. 

Open Day 2024

Once a year, the Busch opens ist doors to all partners, students, neighbours as well as the public to take a peek behind the scenes of our school. The Open Day is an invitation to everyone who is curious to explore the Campus of Theatre Arts in the heart of Berlin. This year, it will take place on June 1, 2024. Everyone is welcome!

This year's acting graduates

Brief moments - this is how our acting graduates introduce themselves in the "Moving Portraits" filmed by Mathias Bothor. All information, sedcards, photos, videos and dates can be found here (in German only)…